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"Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock - no matter how hard we try there's no way of slowing down the hands of time.
But if we have to acknowledge the fact that time is moving on, then we can at least have some fun doing it!"

Michelle di The Barefaced Chic ha dato un tocco di creatività al suo outfit con l'orologio Nanoblock.
Ci mostra come abbinarlo con disinvolture a una giacca azzurra e a un paio di scarpe décolleté rosse.

"I love adding touches to my outfits that remind me of my childhood, so this Nanoblock watch from Tribe at Work was an absolute winner for me.

It brought back memories of stealing my brother's building blocks which were considered a 'boy's toy'.
Ah how times changes - thank goodness!"

I tempi cambiano ma la voglia di giocare rimane. E se trovi l'accessorio giusto, puoi aggiungere ogni giorno stile e spensieratezza al tuo outfit.